The Best Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

The Best Whitening Products for Sensitive Teeth and GumsHow to whiten your teeth without the help of a dentist or bleaching strip?

Do you think you can bleach your teeth with a special toothpaste or bleaching strip? And here it is not!

We found 4 original ways to help you whiten your teeth and make the smile beautiful.

Banana peeling

Banana peel helps make the enamel much lighter. Dip the teeth of the inner part of the banana skin – one minute to the upper and lower teeth. Rinse teeth and 10 minutes to brush your teeth with a dry brush.


Cheese does not bleach teeth by itself, but prevents the risk of caries. The cheese is a viscous consistency, it is sticky and therefore collects harmful bacteria and particles of food from the surface of the teeth.


Yes, if you brush your teeth with strawberries, then they can be bleached. The strawberry contains acids that purify and whiten the teeth.

You will need a large strawberry, salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. It’s all on the toothbrush and forward.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar whitens teeth and destroys bacteria in the oral cavity. Mix a half a teaspoon of vinegar and water, soak this toothbrush and start brushing your teeth. After a month of daily application, your teeth will become much lighter.

Picture Credit: Michael Dam

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