Home Remedies for Toothache

Home Remedies for ToothacheHomeless ways to toothache – in adults
Tooth decay is the biggest enemies of enamel – it can be associated with the inflammation of the tooth (or rather the pulp inside), and is most often the result of inadequate oral hygiene. It should be remembered that caries is an infectious disease – this means that it is formed not only due to erosion of enamel under the influence of long-term action of substances contained in food and beverages (for example acids), but also through contact with a toothbrush or cutlery of a person suffering from caries .

In the advanced stage of caries, root canal treatment is used, and the result is often a dead tooth, which should not cause any discomfort. However, if the strong toothache persists, please contact your dentist.

What helps in relieving discomfort at home? Natural toothache methods include, above all, effective wraps and good and health-safe rinses. They are based mainly on herbs for toothache, showing antiseptics, analgesics, soothing pruritus and burning, as well as antibacterial properties.

One of the most popular preparations is carnation. Many people are wondering how to poison the tooth at home, it reaches for dried carnations. They do not have the power of “poisoning”, but they have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The most convenient form, however, is clove oil, which – after applying on a cosmetic stick – can be rubbed into the enamel and gum.

Iodine has a similar effect, as well as popular garlic for toothache (which also counteracts the multiplication of bacteria – just rub a little into the painful place). Iodine, garlic and cloves are a great way to toothache with a hole, because they help to ensure that bacteria do not develop in the cavity and do not cause further degradation of the enamel.

Extremely troublesome ailments often appear in the evening and during sleep. Homemade ways to toothache at night can be based on the aforementioned natural specifics – rubbing garlic or clove oil into a painful place. Before going to sleep, however, it is worth to do a rinse – make sage or chamomile and rinse the mouth with such a solution (especially the area where toothache occurs). Home-made methods – salt, herbs – given in the form of rinses, significantly alleviate ailments and help to fall asleep faster.

The toothache in pregnancy – home, natural, safe ways
What to do when this type of discomfort occurs in a woman expecting a baby? Home methods for toothache in pregnancy will be similar to those that can be used by adults – rinses and wraps of herbs and germicides. However, beware of methods that use alcohol or vinegar (for example, ready-made preparations from an alcohol-based pharmacy), so as not to damage the fetus.

With non-prescription drugs acting on the aching pregnant tooth, they can safely take paracetamol. However, if natural methods of toothache do not work and the pregnant woman notices a loss, she should report to the dentist as soon as possible, who will carry out the appropriate treatment.

The toothache in a child – home methods to relieve and relieve pain
Many parents wonder how to get rid of a child’s toothache? If it was caused by bottle decay (ie a disorder resulting from the action of substances destroying the enamel present on the stopper or bottle teat), the previously mentioned rinses will be the way to painful teeth, as well as herbal preparations available in the pharmacy (however, be careful that they do not contain alcohol) .

In the case of a child’s toothache, home-made methods will also be based on cold “teethers” made of a piece of cloth placed for several dozen minutes in the freezer or frozen fruit – chill will relieve pain and the teether will take care of the child’s attention.

If your child has a toothache at night, you can try acupressure – toothache should slightly weaken after a few minutes of massage (combined with pressure) the space between the nose and the upper lip.

If your child suffers from teething (that is, he really feels the pain associated with gum pain), you can use cold “teethers”, as well as a gum massage with a clean finger or a soft toothbrush for children. This should calm down the consolation and the closeness of the parent will allow her to forget about her ailments and fall asleep easily.

Tags for toothache without a prescription – what are the best?
What can a toothbrush be used for a toothache? The best and the quickest effects will be given by traditional painkillers with paracetamol and ibuprofen – however they should be used with caution and in accordance with the pharmacist’s recommendations or with a leaflet in which the dosage is determined.

For an toothache with oil, an antibiotic is usually used, which should be prescribed by a doctor – it reduces swelling and pain. The situation is similar when it comes to toothache preparations “eighths” (ie the so-called tooth of wisdom). The antibiotic for toothache prescribed by a doctor is, however, only an immediate action, after which the most likely treatment or extraction, i.e. pulling the tooth, will occur.

Homemade methods of toothache after poisoning, caries treatment or root canal treatment can be successfully replaced with ready-made preparations from the pharmacy, which are based primarily on herbal extracts and extracts, as well as on the content of anesthetic substances. Something for toothache can also be found in herbal shops – ready-made rinses, liquids for use directly on the gum or powdered paste spices are natural preparations, safe even for children or pregnant women.

However, be careful to be careful using the recommendations found on the Internet, including home-made toothache. The forums are filled with various kinds of information and tips, which can often be dangerous and worsen the situation, so you should go to the dentist for advice or, if this is not possible, go to a pharmacist.

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