How To Keep Your Teeth Alive Until Old Age

How To Keep Your Teeth Alive Until Old AgeHealthy teeth to old age is not utopia at all. For this, you do not need to take expensive procedures in the dentist’s office. Proper care, useful food and simple nursing recipes are the guarantee of the durability of a beautiful smooth smile.

Groom properly

So, in order to prevent caries and periodontal disease, we need to get rid of microbes as carefully as possible and create conditions for a balanced environment in the oral cavity. For this, follow the rules of dental care.

Do you brush your teeth immediately after sleep? It is not right! Take the toothbrush only after eating. And not immediately. During the meal, the enamel is softened by the action of acids. It should take half an hour before she comes to normal. And immediately after the end of the meal thoroughly rinse your mouth with boiled water.

During the morning brushing of teeth, put cold boiled water into the mouth and rind for 3 minutes, then slowly swallow in three sips. This procedure strengthens the teeth and improves salivation. Rinse mouth is useful not only for teeth, it perfectly strengthens the muscles of the lips and cheeks.

Bacteria that destroy teeth, live not only on the teeth and gums, but also on the surfaces of the palate, cheeks and tongue. But the toothbrush for their cleaning is better not to use. To do this, there is professional bleaching and special brushes, and the usual teaspoon will do.

The gaps between the teeth and their lateral surfaces are inaccessible to toothbrushes. Meanwhile, in these intervals, many bacteria accumulate. To get to the most inaccessible places help dental floss.

Protect the gums

Rinse your teeth with infusion of string or chamomile. Mucous area sometimes grease with honey, especially if some changes have appeared on it.

Excellent for rinsing is suitable and St. John’s wort. To do this, a pinch of chopped leaves pour a glass of boiling water, chill and rinse your mouth before going to bed – each time a new infusion.

To strengthen the gums rub them daily for two weeks with a slice of garlic. If necessary, after 5 days, treatment can be repeated.

Chocolate, cheese, tea and spicy food – best friends

There is an opinion that chocolate is bad for the teeth. But this is not so. It is based on cocoa beans, and they contain substances that prevent the reproduction of bacteria. The most useful for teeth is bitter chocolate.

Sharp dishes cause active salivation. Saliva contains enzymes that destroy bacteria, and rinses off food leftovers.

A piece of hard cheese, eaten after sweets, neutralizes sugar.

Black tea strengthens the tooth enamel and regulates the acid-base balance in the mouth. A natural coffee has an excellent antibacterial effect.

Fruit juices, rose hips and lemon are useful as sources of vitamins, but they contain many acids that corrode enamel. Therefore, after using them, rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Three sources of beautiful smile

For teeth, the most important element is calcium. It is found in yogurt, cheese, spinach, dairy products, radish, broccoli, nuts, beans, beets. But, getting into the body, calcium is not always well absorbed. For the process to proceed successfully, vitamin D is needed. Its sources are veal, poultry meat, eggs, butter and sea fish. Another important element for teeth is fluoride. It is a lot in black tea, bread of rough grinding, fish, groats, a suit.

A good dessert is hard

Radish, carrots and cucumbers perfectly clean teeth. The mechanism is this: during the bite and chewing process, solid pieces move along the tooth and mechanically, like a brush, release the tooth surface from the plaque. That’s why hard foods leave for dessert.

About the brush

The best brush – with a small head on a long, slightly curved handle: it not only effectively removes plaque, penetrating into hard-to-reach places, but also massages the gums.
Change the brush every three months.

To dazzle whiteness

Cut the eggplant in small pieces, bake it in the oven. The skin will become charred. Put your fingers in this black powder and drive them on the teeth for 3 minutes. Aubergine charred crust not only whitens teeth, but also perfectly strengthens them.

It is advisable after that for an hour not to chew or drink.

If the teeth get dark – lubricate them for a night with honey, and then with vegetable oil.

From the dark spots on the teeth helps to get rid of mouthwash monthly infusions of the tea fungus.

After brushing your teeth, pour some baking soda on top of the paste and add 2 drops of lemon juice.

Where the threat is hiding

The two most dangerous enemies of teeth are caries and periodontitis. The surface of the teeth is formed by hard tissues with a very high content of minerals. Minerals in violation of acid-base balance in the mouth are subject to destruction.

Caries is an area on the tooth where minerals dissolve to such an extent that damage is formed – a “hole”. It gets germs that corrode internal teeth.

Periodontitis is a disease of the gums. Its source is dental plaque. It contains pathogenic microbes that loosen the gum, break the area of ​​its connection with the tooth and form a tartar. The gums begin to bleed. Germs, reaching to the roots, dissolve them.

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