Does A Smart Toothbrush Really Improve Your Dental Hygiene?

Does A Smart Toothbrush Really Improve Your Dental Hygiene?Technology does not have to be convinced that technology has become an integral part of our lives. Currently, most of us can not imagine a day without access to the Internet or mobile devices, and technology companies are outdoing each other in ideas for improving our everyday life. However, it is worth considering how technologies can not only help us quickly order a taxi or contact with friends, but also in the ongoing monitoring of our health condition.

Not only physical activity and diet
Along with the growing fashion for a healthy lifestyle, regular health and physical planning of the amount of calories consumed became the recipe for health. As a result, the most popular among devices used to monitor the state of our organism were smart watches. It was not only by storm that they won the wrists of the gym enthusiasts, but also the employees of the corporations, for whom they became a symbol of belonging to a group that was on time with the latest technological innovations.

However, it should be remembered that although exercise and a balanced diet may contribute to the improvement of well-being, appearance and overall fitness, the HEALTH is a much deeper concept. Therefore, if we want to take care of ourselves with due diligence, we should monitor not only the overall efficiency of our body, but also, for example, the state of our teeth. The latest generation toothbrushes can be of help here.

Intelligent brushing assistant
Although brushing teeth at first glance, it may seem an activity that each of us has mastered to perfection, and intelligent brushes overkill and unnecessary gadget, the situation is not so simple. It turns out that although most of us have had a habit of morning and evening teeth brushing since childhood, most of us do it incorrectly. We lack the proper technique, precision or just patience, which we brush carelessly and definitely shorter than the recommended 2 minutes.

In addition, we definitely visit dental offices too rarely. And here we can help modern electric toothbrushes, which not only allow us to monitor the health of our mouth, but also help us to develop appropriate habits.

There are a few basic recommendations for proper teeth cleaning, which can be reduced to the following principles:

1. Brushes should be brushed at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening

2. Brushing teeth should last 2 minutes if we use an electric toothbrush and about 3 minutes if we use a manual toothbrush

3. Each area of the mouth, including the back teeth, should be brushed with the same care

4. Because of the cleaning power, use electric toothbrushes, preferably with a round head, because their shape, similar to professional dental tools, allows not only to fully cover the entire tooth surface, but also reaches the interdental spaces

5. The tips of the electric toothbrushes should be replaced every three months
The functions that modern electric toothbrushes are equipped with are designed in such a way that all these principles become an integral part of the morning brushing. As a result, they not only help in the precise cleaning of teeth, but thanks to their properties they also have a chance to become our private assistant in the field of oral hygiene.

How it’s working?

Among the basic functions of intelligent electric toothbrushes, you can distinguish:

• Pressure control – especially rings, which are equipped with the most modern electric toothbrushes, with the help of light signals, they warn you when brushing too much, while helping to protect our gums.

• Timer – although as it was mentioned before, brush your teeth for 2 minutes, the average washing time is still 60 seconds. This is caused, among others the fact that each of us has a different sense of time, and during the morning preparation for work it is often difficult to count the time in the hand with the watch in hand, which we should devote to brushing teeth. Therefore, most modern electric toothbrushes are equipped with special timers. The ones that measure time in 30-second intervals work best, which allows us to devote the same time and precision to each quarter of our oral cavity.

• Position detection technology – the function was created several years ago by Oral-B experts and forms the basis of the Oral-B Genius model of this brand. In short, it consists in the fact that with the help of the video recognition function with the help of a camera located in the smartphone we are able to monitor the areas of the oral cavity we are cleaning in real time, ensuring that none of the areas is left out. Thanks to this, we can forget about not fixing the back teeth!

• Mobile applications – the latest generation of electric toothbrushes allow you to connect to the smartphone application, which not only, as in the case of the Oral-B Genius model, allows you to monitor our cleaning, but also reminds you, for example, about replacing tips or visiting the dentist.

• Diversified cleaning modes – although each of us needs to brush our teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, it’s worth realizing that often our similarities in the oral hygiene area end there. Each of us has our own needs and goals in this area. Some of us have problems with delicate gums, others want to focus on, for example, whitening. Therefore, extensive cleaning modes in smart brushes can be helpful. It’s worth getting to know each of them and choose the one that suits you best.

As you can see, intelligent toothbrushes can be an invaluable gadget in our bathroom. Everyone will surely be happy with such a personal assistant who will not only take care of our health, but also provide a beautiful smile and more confidence every day.

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