Taking Care of Your Teeth

Taking Care of Your TeethA radiant smile showing snow-white teeth is not only an attribute of a successful man, but also a dream of many of us …
Get to know the 5 most important needs of your teeth!

1. Daily oral hygiene.
It seems to be obvious to the adored sentence. Unfortunately, research shows that many people still do not care enough about the daily hygiene of their teeth or clean their teeth inaccurately. It is worth recalling that cleaning teeth for 2-3 minutes at least twice a day, preferably after each meal, is crucial in the fight for a beautiful smile. In addition to the teeth, it is also necessary to clean the tongue, on which many bacteria form a sediment. Some brushes contain a special cleaning surface for the tongue. Brushing teeth, however, is not limited to brushing. To effectively care for your teeth, we also need to clean inter dental spaces with floss, which usually contains fluoride, every time. Rituals should be done from top to bottom in order not to hurt the gums. In order to increase the protection of the mouth, it is also worth rinsing it with special liquids.

2. Scaling, or stone removal.
Deposition of tartar is a natural process that affects even people who brush their teeth after each meal. Its construction is caused by food leftovers, bacteria and substances contained in saliva. It is not possible to safely and effectively remove it yourself at home. Therefore, in order to take care of your teeth, dentists recommend that once a half a year you go to the dentist’s office for a procedure called scaling. There are several types of this treatment, however, ultrasonic scaling is considered the most effective, during which the high frequency waves precisely crumble and remove the stone from teeth and inter dental spaces.

3. Diet for teeth.
The benefits of a healthy diet are usually associated with its beneficial effects on our internal organs or complexion. But also the teeth derive from the food important ingredients for themselves! To care for the strength of the teeth, we should provide them with the right amount of calcium, preferably in combination with vitamin D, which facilitates its absorption. Calcium can be found mainly in milk and its products such as buttermilk, natural yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese. Its considerable amount also includes sardines and herring from cans, nuts, green vegetables and legumes as well as wholegrain bread. We will also supply our bodies with medium and highly mineralized water. In addition, to make our teeth healthy, they need phosphorus, zinc, protein and vitamins from groups A, B and C. These ingredients are particularly rich in fruits and vegetables. The condition of our teeth will at the same time improve the amount of sugar-rich products that are the best food for bacteria. We should especially beware of lollipops and candy such as fudge, which strongly stick to teeth.

4. Sandblasting.
Sandblasting involves removing sediment that accumulates on the tooth surfaces and between them. Thanks to the high pressure, special sand removes sediment while smoothing the surface of the teeth. Sandblasting should be performed once every six months, and the treatment lasts about 20 minutes. You should also take care of plaque removal every day.

5. Bleaching.
When our teeth are healthy and seals fill tightly, we can go to the dentist’s office for whitening treatment. There are many methods to give your teeth the desired whiteness. The fastest and considered the most modern of them is the procedure consisting in applying a special whitening gel and radiating cold light. However, two or three such sessions are necessary for the effects to be visible.

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