What Is Plaque And Why Is It Harmful?

What Is Plaque And Why Is It Harmful?Not only does the raid on the teeth look unethical and is a threat to the appearance of a calculus, as well as a signal that this is something you do not like with food.

If you do not understand the plaque on your teeth, sooner or later it turns into a calculus. Later, it can lead to inflammation of the gums, and the inflamed inflammation that goes on to the loss of the tooth. And everything started so innocent.

Something is wrong with the hygiene of the oral cavity

Dental plaque signals – something is wrong with hygiene of the oral cavity. You love coffee, tea, carbonated drinks or smoke. We do not consider the option when brushing teeth irregularly, it’s common knowledge to brush your teeth 2 times a day for a minimum of 2-3 minutes. For example, forget or lazy to do it before bedtime. We get these skills from childhood, if parents are not patient and not inoculated, have to develop a conscious habit while already being an adult.

Or all hygiene procedures are simply ineffective. And here there can be completely different reasons. Toothpaste or brush does not fit. You do not use a rinse aid for your mouth. And it is necessary at any age. Another useful habit that is emerging in childhood.

In general, change all the procedures that are associated with the care of the teeth and the oral cavity. It is also important to choose a working toothpaste. An excellent alternative to prevent the occurrence of plaque and calculus – paste removing a mild mineralized plaque. They can be mechanical, enzymatic or combined. The mechanical action is due to the abrasive particles of various shapes and sizes. The larger the particles, the higher the level of abrasiveness. Enzymes split plaque. Combined split and mechanically remove it. Be careful with high-abrasive paste (where large particles and uneven edges) they can scratch the enamel.

Toothbrushes should be bristles with rounded ends in order not to injure the enamel, multi-directional bristles and “active nose” work well when the tip of the brush is slightly longer and sloping, it better reaches the inner surface and the areas closer to the teeth of wisdom. The rubber inserts further purify the surface of the tooth. Wavy-headed shape of the head is better to clean the “fissures” – the jawbite part of the tooth. Or there should be a very thick bristle. Excellent cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of the tooth electrical brushes and ultrasonic.

Do not forget about threads or fluxes for more effective cleaning of interdental gaps. A useful device will be a portable or stationary irrigator, under pressure of water he will clean the hard-to-reach places and massage the gum. In the water for the irrigator you can add a rinse aid, it will improve the condition of the gums and add freshness to the breath.

A lot of soft food

If you eat a lot of soft food and do not eat hard at all, during the day, the tooth enamel simply does not self-clean. This means that the raid is formed in one way or another.

It has long been known that such fruits and vegetables, like an apple or carrot, can clean and clean the tooth enamel from the plaque well and naturally. And even bleach it mechanically. And also remove the food residue between the teeth.

That is why, if you nibble apples throughout the day, then you do not need any hygienic procedures except in the morning and in the evening.

Problems with nutrition

A teeth attack is one of the first signs of malnutrition. By its color it is possible to say with certainty that you drink colorful drinks, somehow coffee, black tea, colored carbonated drinks. So switch to water and herbal tea.

In addition, most likely you also love chocolate and colorful berries and vegetables: blueberry, mulberry, and beetroot. Berries and vegetables are definitely useful. But they affect the color of the teeth. Sometimes they paint the already existing plaque, as a sponge it smudges the coloring components. It is not worth it, of course, to refuse to pleasure. It is simply then more accurate to treat the hygiene of the oral cavity.

Malocclusion of teeth

To the crowns of the teeth or to the wrong bite, it is more difficult to clean the enamel. Accordingly, the raid can not be avoided.

Residues of food in hard-to-reach places create a favorable environment for the vital activity of bacteria. Therefore, it is not enough to simply clean, it is also important to use a dental floss and rinse aid for the mouth.

And most importantly – you should not use the same toothbrush for years. Brush should be changed once every 3 months.

Unhealthy gums

An attack on the teeth may also mean lead to periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues of the gums).

The fact is that in plaque – in essence, bacteria accumulate. Especially they like to settle in their buccal pockets, you certainly do not clean them yourself. And because of their livelihoods may also begin to swell and bleed gums.

Picture Credit: Oleg Magni

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