Foods & Drinks that Damage Your Teeth

Foods & Drinks that Damage Your Teeth

By consuming food and drinks, our teeth are exposed to many negative influences. The pigments contained in some foods can penetrate through the pores of the enamel into the deep tissues of our teeth and change their color.

If you are worried about the whiteness of your smile, then you need to know exactly what foods can cause yellowing and even tooth decay.

Coffee and tea

  • Coffee and tea can stain your teeth.
  • They contain tannins, which lead to staining and discoloration of teeth.
  • Coffee also has an acidic and because the pH in the mouth is lower than in coffee, the teeth are at greater risk for damage.

Tip: Add milk to the drink, it will make it less harmful to teeth.

Soy sauce

With frequent use, its dark color can gradually stain teeth.

Tip: Rinse your mouth immediately after eating to remove excess soy sauce from your teeth and avoid staining them.

Red wine

  • Wine causes gray spots on the teeth.
  • It also contains tannins like in coffee and tea.
  • Wine acid deteriorates the enamel.

Tip: Rinse your mouth after drinking wine.

White wine

Although this drink has a light color, white wine can make stains that are already on the teeth darker and more noticeable. This is due to the acid contained in the wine.


Sugar lowers the pH of the mouth and makes teeth more prone to damage.
It also sticks to our teeth and becomes an environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, causing decay and discoloration.

Tip: Brush your teeth immediately after that, because the sugar is too sticky to just wash it off.

Carbonated sweet soft drinks

  • Such drinks promote the growth of bacteria that are in the mouth and cause more damage to the teeth.
  • Carbonated drinks can cause holes in the teeth, reduce their strength and make them more prone to stains.
  • Colored sodas will also gradually color your teeth.


  • The acidic environment in the mouth provokes the appearance of stains on the teeth.
  • Lemons and other sour fruits can cause yellow teeth.
  • These fruits can also dissolve the enamel that opens the dentin – the yellow tissue under the white enamel.


Another super acidic food that washes away enamel and causes stains.

If you like to consume such foods in your daily diet, try to brush your teeth immediately. This will remove the sticky juice that causes stains over time.

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