5 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

5 Tips To Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

You need to take care of your baby’s teeth during pregnancy

The baby’s teeth are formed even when she is carefree in the womb. First of all, pregnant women should have regular and careful care of the oral cavity, as well as visit a dentist every 3 months, as hormonal changes can disrupt the normal functioning of the teeth and lead to the development of dental diseases.

The dentist during preventive visits has the opportunity to teach the expectant mother the rules of oral care, nutrition, and feeding the newborn.

Baby teeth need to be treated

Yes, baby teeth also hurt and need to be treated, because they can cause a lot of discomfort to the baby and become a chronic source of infection in the body of the child.

Also, the child should be taught from an early age to visit the dentist and take care of their teeth. The first visit to the doctor should take place in the form of a game with the child. A small patient should trust the doctor and not feel any discomfort, become his friend.

The most optimal for this is the 2-year-old child.

Remember: The best way to prevent tooth cavities is to have a regular dental check-up and oral hygiene.

Balanced nutrition

In addition to the full range of vitamins and minerals, a child’s diet should include many essential trace elements, including fluoride and iodine. Of great importance are the diet and healthy eating habits.

Do not allow children to drink sweet carbonated beverages and abuse sweets. It is worth teaching your children to drink water and not to develop a child’s addiction to sugar. First of all, it’s candy and other sweets. Helpers of caries and at the same time enemies for teeth – refined carbohydrates!

Clean teeth do not hurt

When a little person has their first tooth, it is an event of great significance for the whole family. After all, in the first year of life, every news is a small holiday. It time to think about the first hygienic measures for the baby’s mouth. It is recommended that after feeding the baby wipe the gums with a cloth soaked in boiled water.

For a child under the age of three, teeth should be cleaned under parental supervision. Up to the age of 10, you need to control whether your child performs this hygienic procedure every morning and evening.

With the help of cartoons, jokes, or fun games, you need to teach your child to brush teeth for at least 2 minutes. Eventually, this will become a useful habit that will guarantee the health of the oral cavity for life.

Caries associated with certain types of microorganisms

Newborn babies do not have caries bacteria. They are passed from the mother during kissing or talking or licking the nipple. So, there are always bacteria, even when there are no teeth yet.

All because of the so-called cariogenic bacteria that live in the mouth of almost everyone. And it is the parents who are usually the source of infection for their children.

Remember:tooth caries is harmful to the health of the whole body.

Your baby’s health is in your hands. Be careful and do not be lazy in organizing the oral hygiene of the child, visiting the dentist, eating the right food, etc.

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