When Should I Start Taking My Child To The Dentist?

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?Does a visit to a dentist with an infant make sense? When is the first time to go to the dentist with your child?

A visit to the dentist should not be postponed, especially when it comes to a small child. Neglected deciduous teeth may affect the condition of permanent teeth in the future. It is worth to go to the dentist, even with an infant, whose first teeth are erupting.

A visit to the dentist – when is the first time with an infant?

Children are exposed to decay from an early age, therefore parents should watch closely the development of their child’s teeth, and when the time comes, save it for a visit to the dentist. In children, the lower incisors usually erupt, usually between the 4th and 15th month of life. And at this time, parents should have their first visit to the dentist with the child.

Why take your child to visit the dentist so early

During the first visit to the dentist, the doctor will assess the risk of caries and make the parent aware of how to proceed in order for the child to have healthy teeth in the future. The dentist will conduct the cleaning instructions of the teeth, advise the choice of the right toothpaste and select additional accessories to facilitate the eruption of the teeth.

What’s more, first contact with the dentist may reveal other disturbing signals. During the first visit to the dentist, the doctor verifies any dysfunctions or parafunctions, for example, defective swallowing of food, defective breathing and speech and incorrect position of the mandible.

Caries in six-month-old toddler. Save it for a visit to the dentist!

The first signs of tooth decay may already appear on the first tooth. Parents wonder how it’s possible. And yet! Milk teeth are poorly mineralized teeth and therefore more susceptible to factors that cause tooth decay. It is erroneous to believe that you should not take care of the daughters because they will fall out any day. The problem is that the caries that attacked the milk teeth can infect permanent teeth.

How to protect the child against caries

Research shows that the source of infection of newborns and infants with caries bacteria. The impact on the development of caries in a toddler has many factors: feeding night-sweetened drinks or shortcakes, too early introduction of sugars into the child’s diet. In turn, when the mother is suffering from caries, she should watch out for harmful habits, such as licking a teaspoon.

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