How Your Oral Health Impacts Longevity

How Your Oral Health Impacts LongevityBeauty and attraction begin with a smile. Hygiene of the oral cavity is the basis of the preservation of teeth. However, not all of them really take it seriously, without realizing what health problems can get later. What is fraught with negligent attitude to beauty and health of teeth?

What threatens the beauty of teeth wrong oral care

The most common problem of the oral cavity and the enemy of tooth beauty is caries. Versions of the causes of this disease are many, however, recently, scientists have come to the conclusion that the main cause of its occurrence is the bacterial effect of one of the varieties of streptococcus. These bacteria multiply rapidly in a favorable environment for them and in the presence of plaque (which is food for them). In addition, they are able to change the acid-base balance of the oral cavity, which adversely affects the gums, which become inflamed and bleed. There is also a tooth enamel, which is rapidly destroyed.

All this can be fairly easily avoided, providing the oral cavity with proper care. Its basis is a regular brushing of teeth with a brush and paste, as well as a nightly dental floss treatment. The beauty and health of the teeth requires a compulsory visit to the dentist twice a year for the purpose of preventive examination and professional cleaning of the teeth, if necessary.

Very often poor hygiene has a physiological basis. This may be the wrong position of the teeth and the dullness of the dentition, leading to the raid and accumulation of food residues, which complicates hygiene in hard-to-reach places.

As already noted, the formation of caries is promoted by bacteria that multiply on the surface of softened enamel. Therefore, it can be argued that the less plaque remains on the teeth, the less is the risk of losing them as a result of carious lesions. After all, the faster the caries will be found and cured, the longer the beauty of the smile will last. Proper hygiene, which cleans not only the entire surface of the teeth, but also the interdental spaces, can almost completely reduce the risk of caries. However, there are also minor hereditary prerequisites, for which medicine is not yet able to influence.

Why is tooth decay so terrible for the health and beauty of teeth?

The reason is that this disease destroys the tooth tissues both from the outside and from the inside. If you do not promptly seek help, inflammation of the internal tissues of the tooth may develop – pulpitis. And if you miss this moment, then the next stage will be periodontitis – inflammation of the peri-toothed tissues, which threatens to lose a tooth. If you do not take the situation seriously and do not make up for the loss, neighboring teeth begin to bend toward the defect. As a result, the bite changes, the healthy side works twice as much, which means that the wear of teeth increases. This leads to violations of the proportions of the face, the appearance of additional wrinkles, which does not have the best effect on the beauty of a person.

The effect of prevention on the beauty and health of teeth

The lack of proper prevention of oral diseases can have other negative consequences for dental health.
Plaque and remnants of food deposited on the surface of the teeth can also cause inflammation of the gums. Often there is some settling of plaque on the gum border, which can lead to the formation of gingival pockets, where food again enters. They are difficult to handle even in dentistry. As a result, these remains of food begin to rot, leading to inflammation of the gums (gingivitis, stomatitis or periodontitis). Started periodontitis is very difficult to treat, and passed into the chronic phase – must be kept under constant control so that the disease is not aggravated.

Timely unremovable remnants of food and plaque under the influence of a moist and warm environment begin to rot. This provokes not only the development of various diseases, but also a bad smell from the mouth, getting rid of it over time becomes very difficult.

Thus, the beauty and health of a person’s teeth are completely in his hands. And the implementation of thorough and responsible hygiene can prevent most of the diseases of the oral cavity.

What consequences for the beauty of a person is poor oral hygiene

To the unobvious consequences of oral diseases and poor hygiene are also problems of the gastrointestinal tract. Acid-base balance in the mouth is important not only for the health of teeth and gums, but also for the proper digestion of food, which begins with saliva treatment and grinding.

Poorly chewed because of pain in the teeth or gums and poorly moistened with saliva food particles fall into the stomach, which should work with a doubled load. All this can lead to serious disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, peptic ulcer disease, inadequate intake of nutrients in the body. This leads to a variety of negative consequences, because the beauty of a person, as well as his health, depend entirely on a sufficient number of vitamins and microelements consumed in food. Their shortage also leads to chronic fatigue, disruption of metabolic processes within the body.

The beauty of a person can also suffer because of a sudden weight gain. Its occurrence may be due to tooth loss due to tooth decay. The fact is that even the loss of one tooth leads to the fact that a person unconsciously tries to chew on the healthy side. However, even this does not provide a full chewing on the food. Difficulty with chewing is forced to switch to softer food. In fact, few people choose a full-fledged product, an overwhelming majority prefers fast carbohydrates, which lead to a quick set of body weight.

The departed beauty and discontent with its appearance cause the development of craving for “comforting” food. Perhaps most psychologists and nutritionists should pay initial attention to the state of the patient’s teeth, and then approach the treatment of psychological problems and weight correction.

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