What Causes Bleeding Gums?

What Causes Bleeding Gums?There is always a reason that causes a similar problem. Only having determined, as a result of which there was a pathology, it is possible to get rid of it. Yes, doctors pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • Lack of proper hygiene of the oral cavity. Leaving the formed spread on teeth, you can soon expect the appearance of many bacteria, which will cause bad breath and lead to dental diseases.
  • Using too hard or soft toothbrushes can also provoke the appearance of the problem. The first one will mechanically damage the mucous membrane during brushing, injure it, and the second will be the cause of insufficient cleansing of the tooth surface.
  • The emergence of a stable stone that provokes various diseases, while the gums leave it out of the teeth, which leads them to loosening and falling out.
  • Inadequate nutrition, lack of vitamins, reduced immunity. Especially often this occurs during pregnancy, when it is necessary to use additional vitamin complexes to provide the needs of the fetus.
  • Dental errors in the installation of prostheses, implants, crowns and other structures, when the edge of an artificial product affects mucous membranes.
    Various periodontal diseases are also manifested by bleeding. At the same time, the gums also hurt, and in due course swell.
  • Problems with general health are manifested sometimes by inflammation of the mucous membranes. It accompanies most often URTI, diabetes and other pathologies.
  • Receiving such medications as Aspirin, provokes a dilution of blood, which may also appear on the condition of the mucous membrane.
  • If you have done professional brushing your teeth, you should be ready for bleeding for some time. Such a problem will disappear within a few days.
  • Infectious diseases especially in childhood. So, stomatitis provokes the appearance of a similar symptom.
  • After tooth extraction and other medical interventions in the mouth, it will gradually disappear following the normalization of the condition of soft tissues.
  • Often, people complain that they stopped smoking and there was a severe constant bleeding of the gums. This is due to a multitude of factors that influence the mucosal tone when it becomes weak due to the lack of a normal dose of nicotine.
  • Misuse of the irrigator may contribute to gum injuries, which also results in bleeding. Carefully study the instructions for using this unit.
  • In children, prickly teeth become common because solid tissues rupture mucous membranes in the course of natural growth.

Examining the oral cavity, the expert will assess the condition of periodontal disease, check the presence of tartar and identify other diseases that could lead to the fact that your gums bleed. Explain what your body lacks and make a list of desired manipulations. So, if a tartar is found, it is necessary to perform professional cleaning, because at home it can not be removed.

If the cause is orthodontic or other design, then it needs to be corrected, and the mucous to heal. In case of serious problems with the periodontium, it should be cured first and done in the dental office with the help of antibiotics, antiseptics, and sometimes injections. Only after this, you can proceed to home procedures for healing the gums.

Preventive measures

In order not to cure serious illnesses and the running state of gums, it is advisable to adhere to certain rules on a permanent basis:

  • regularly and qualitatively clean the tooth surface with the help of hygienic means;
  • select high quality brushes and pastes;
  • rinse after each meal;
  • use dental floss to clean hard-to-reach places;
  • keep track of the quality of your daily diet, eat foods rich in vitamins.

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