Dental Floss and Its Kinds

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Flossing should be done regularly as brushing. Food particles that stick between teeth even after brushing are got rid of by flossing. The dentists always recommend flossing for a cleaner and healthier teeth and gums. It should be started early, that is to say, before the teeth start showing cavities and decays. There are different kinds of floss to be found at the nearest drug store. But before buying one of them it is important to know their functions. If you choose the perfect floss, it would offer a more effective cleaning. Here are a number of things that are to be kept in mind.

Unwaxed:  Teeth which are placed at gaps from each other should be flossed with unwaxed floss. Consider a person suffering from some gum ailment. This person is more likely to have bone matter eroded from teeth and consequently there would be gaps between his teeth. The unwaxed floss is good for such teeth.

Waxed: This floss is used for cleaning such teeth that havn’t any gap between them. Because they need to get in between two closely placed teeth they are stronger as compared to the unwaxed floss. Such floss will pass through corners and sharp edges without snapping or fraying. The floss also works for the teeth with braces.

Dental Tape: This is like the floss which is waxed. Dental tape contains a flat ribbon that is made up of nylon and white in color. In fact, some people find this more convenient. Both work good.

Ultra Floss: This is a kind of floss that can be chosen by everyone. This floss is such that it can get in between teeth that have larger gaps as well as between those which are tightly packed. The floss elongates and becomes thinner when getting between the tightly packed teeth and contracts and becomes thicker to clean the larger gaps between two teeth.

Water Flosser: It is another kind of floss that ejects water when it goes between two teeth. All food particles are gently removed by the method. This is good for those that have diseased gums and are prone to bleeding on minor bruises.

Other tools: Other tools are available for dental cleaning. You will find flossing picks and flossing brushes that are used for the same purpose. You can easily use these tools with one hand. These are more like toothpicks which were used in the old days for cleaning the tooth of traces of food after meals.

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