New Teeth with Roots Grown with Human Gum Cells

There is good news for people who are reluctant to use dentures for heir missing teeth as research has already started regarding on re-growth of missing teeth.

A new method is being developed by scientists for the replacement of lost teeth with bioengineered material that can be developed from gum cells of the same person. Most tooth replacement procedures fail as natural structure of root is missing. This results in increased friction when the person tries to eat or during other jaw movements which can cause degradation of the bone in the jaw.

In the researches that are being carried out it has been observed that if cells from gums of humans are combined with fetal mice molar cells, it is possible to grow new teeth that consist of roots. Even though this is just the beginning but this finding has already created a buzz in dental Industry..

The mesenchymal cells from neural crest in combination with embryonic cells can create teeth which is totally normal. However, a lot of difficulty was faced to find cell source that are non-embryonic for the purpose of using in clinics.

To get such source, researchers made an attempt to mix epithelial human gum cells along with mesenchymal cells of embryonic mouse. This mixture was grafted in some protective tissue in living mice kidneys. The result was astounding as the researchers saw that this cell combination developed into teeth of hybrid nature which consisted of roots, enamel as well as dentine.

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