5 Common Dental Health Mistakes To Avoid Right Now!

5 Common Dental Health Mistakes To Avoid Right Now!Do you brush your teeth correctly? Do not rush to answer, first read the most common mistakes that you may make every day.

Too fast tooth brushing

Many do not take more than one minute to clean their teeth. And completely in vain, because for a qualitative cleaning of teeth from the remains of food and plaque is required from 2 to 3 minutes of time.

Dividing your teeth into 4 conventional areas, give each of them at least 30 seconds to clean. Every time, start brushing your teeth from different sites – with this approach all teeth will be given the same attention.

Incorrect brushing technique

Movement of the toothbrush, located parallel to the gum line, from side to side – is not only ineffective, but also harmful.

Place the brush at an angle of 450 to the gum line, brush your teeth in a circular motion, performing them at least 10 times for each site.

Vorsels of a toothbrush should contact not only with the teeth, but also the gums, performing their light massage and stimulating blood circulation.

To clean the inner surface of the front teeth, place the brush vertically, and then perform 10 sweeping movements up and down.

Avoid pressing the toothbrush too much. Bent bristles are unlikely to cope with the task of removing plaque.

In addition, such cleaning can result in damage to both the gums and tooth enamel.

Limitation of the arsenal of cleaning products

Whatever the quality and perfect was not the toothbrush, it is not within its power to perform the cleaning of the interdental spaces. But the regular and high-quality cleaning of these areas is able to prevent diseases and teeth, and periodontal disease.

To clean the front teeth is designed dental floss, for the lateral teeth – interdental brushes.

In no case should the use of these dental care tools be accompanied by painful sensations. An exception is the short-term slight bleeding of the gums at the initial stage of using the brush and floss.

Since the effectiveness of cleaning the interdental spaces with a too thin brush will be extremely low, and too broad a brush can injure the gum, it is best if the necessary denture diameter of the interdental brush is picked up by a dentist.

Abuse of whitening toothpastes

To its whitening effect tooth pastes with the same name are required either to abrasive particles, or pigment-splitting enzymes, or carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.

Uncontrolled use of whitening pastes can lead to inflammation of the gums, increased sensitivity of the teeth, destruction of their enamel and even the development of caries.

Use such toothpastes should not be more than twice a week. For daily use are intended hygienic and therapeutic and preventive pastes.

By the way, do you know how much toothpaste squeezed onto the brush is optimal? The size of a pea. The rest of the volume after a few movements of the toothbrush will go unused straight into the sink.

Rare change of toothbrush

Perhaps, everyone knows the recommendations of dentists on changing a toothbrush for a new one every 2-3 months. How many adhere to them?

Neglect of this advice is fraught with a disease of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

After cleaning the teeth, the brush should be thoroughly washed with warm water, set up vertically with the head facing upwards. Do not put it in a case – the bristles should be ventilated and dry before the next use.

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