8 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel

Sesame8 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel

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Archaeological excavations confirm that those tribes of ancient people, who traditionally fed a significant part of the seeds of plants, had very strong teeth. Sesame seeds remove plaque and strengthen enamel and besides are rich in calcium, which protects from destruction not only bones, but also teeth.

What to do. 2-3 times a week, add a tablespoon of sesame seeds to salads or vegetable dishes. Thus, you will receive an additional 87 mg of calcium.

Studies of French scientists have shown that hard cheeses are useful for the protection of tooth enamel. These cheeses are low in salt and high in calcium and phosphate. Due to these properties, a piece of cheese helps maintain a normal pH balance in the oral cavity, preventing excess acid, which promotes the reproduction of bacteria. And calcium and phosphorus, which the cheese supplies the body, strengthen the enamel.

What to do: instead of sweet dessert, teach yourself to eat a piece of cheese after lunch and dinner as a means of protecting your teeth.

These small fruits contain vitamin C much more than many others. For example, one fairly large fruit almost entirely blocks the daily norm of the vitamin, which is very important for gum health. Studies of scientists from the medical center in Sydney have shown that with the deficiency of vitamin C in the body, collagen production decreases, tissues become more vulnerable to bacteria, the gums begin to bleed, and even periodontal disease may develop.

What to do. Add in the morning in porridge (oatmeal is better) one cut slice of kiwi fruit.

A few fresh leaves of parsley or mint perfectly refresh the breath. In these plants there are many easily evaporating ethereal substances that, together with the blood stream, quickly reach the lungs and refresh the exhaled air, acting like a deodorant.

What to do. Add ready-made meals 1-2 tablespoons. spoons of finely chopped parsley and fresh mint.



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English doctors from the Oxford Hospital John Radcliffe have proved that celery is very useful for dental health. If you use it every day, he protects your teeth twice. First, celery leaves require thorough chewing, during which saliva is released, which neutralizes the bacteria. Secondly, during the chewing massaged gums, and the teeth are cleaned of plaque.

What to do. Once a day, as a day’s snack, chop the stalk of celery or a small carrot. Or add celery to salads and mix with fresh cottage cheese and other greens.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Recently, American and Japanese doctors are paying serious attention to the study of the beneficial properties of these fungi. In addition to the beneficial effect on immunity, it was found that these fungi contain special substances that prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the oral cavity.

What to do. 2-3 times a week, add 4-5 chopped shiitake mushrooms to soups or vegetable side dishes. Equally useful are fresh and dried mushrooms. The latter completely restore their properties with a 25-minute soak in hot water.

This vegetable contains so many natural antibacterial substances that it can destroy a huge number of different bacteria. This fact has long been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. We try to avoid fresh onions due to bad smell from the mouth. And this is wrong, because it can be neutralized by other means: chew a twig of parsley or eat a refreshing menthol tablet.

What to do. Every day, add a few rings of fresh onion to the salad or put it on sandwiches.

Green tea

Green tea

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American doctors found that the catechins contained in the infusion of green tea leaves are fatal for bacteria that cause caries. They also get rid of bad breath.

What to do. Every day, drink at least 2-5 cups of plain or decaffeinated green tea. For convenience, take with you to work or travel thermos with tea, brewed the day before. Pour into the thermos 4 cups of boiling water, pour 3-4 teaspoons of green tea. After five minutes, strain, and the healing drink is ready. Drink it after lunch and every snack in a cold or hot form, preferably without sugar. You can add milk to the tea.

4 rules of a beautiful smile

WITHOUT BREAKS. When you chew constantly, you not only lose normal weight, but also “feed” bacteria that are always in the mouth. Make it a rule to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth thoroughly after every little snack.

WITHOUT sweet drinks. Sweet soda water or syrups “enrich” the teeth with sugar for a long time, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Drink mineral water or green tea without sugar.

WITHOUT gum. Do not think that a sweet chewing gum or candy is refreshing your breath and clearing your mouth. On the contrary, they provoke caries. Fight with an unpleasant odor of natural remedies – chew a few leaves of parsley, mint or preventive chewing lozenges with an extract of cloves and tea tree oils.

WITHOUT Dessert. The habit of finishing a dinner with a sweet dish adversely affects the health of teeth and gums. As a dessert, eat a piece of cheese.

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