Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Easy Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Just thoughtlessly using a toothbrush a couple of times a day is not enough to keep a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Common mistakes 

1. We brush our teeth irregularly and incorrectly

In fact, proper dental care is not difficult: you need to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day (this is the first stage of care), and every six months to come to the dentist for professional hygiene procedures.

Unfortunately, people not only forget to brush their teeth but also do it wrong. Almost 80% of Americans have caries, and such sad statistics can be avoided.

In addition to daily regular brushing, it is important to do it right: an adult should hold a toothbrush so that 50% of it is on the tooth, and the remaining 50 falls on the gums (at an angle of 45 degrees). This is the only way to clean the remnants of food from under the gums and avoid the development of periodontitis, their inflammation.

It is better to use an electric brush, so cleaning will be more thorough.

2. Ignoring the visit to the dentist

Unfortunately, we go to the dentist, when already too late. But if we had the right culture of brushing our teeth, we would not know at all what a toothache is.

One of the common myths is that professional teeth cleaning damages enamel. It is not true.

Professional dental hygiene, which is carried out by a specialist, does not affect the thickness of the enamel and does not harm it. Therefore, it is much wiser to pay for caries prevention.

3. Whitening teeth with folk remedies

Before you start teeth whitening yourself, you need to consult a dentist. Your doctor should evaluate the health of your teeth. They mustn’t have cracks, abrasions, chips on the seals. And only after all the problems have been eliminated and the teeth are been completely healthy, with professional hygiene and teeth cleaning, and they can be bleached.

It is strictly forbidden to whiten teeth at home with lemon, soda, hydrogen peroxide! This can severely damage the enamel.

If the desire to whiten teeth at home on their own is very strong, then do the procedure under the supervision of a dentist, consult with him.

The doctor may advise individual caps for whitening: they are made for each person personally. In the middle of such a cap is placed a special tool similar to toothpaste, and the cap is worn on the teeth overnight. The effect of such bleaching is not very great, but it is noticeable and much safer than soda and other folk remedies.

4. Parents do not know that children’s teeth need care

Not everyone knows that a child should first be shown to the dentist when the baby is six months old. Yes, if your 6-month-old baby even has only 2 teeth. The specialist will show you how to properly brush your child’s teeth. And pay attention to the habits of the baby, which will then form a correct or incorrect bite.

It is necessary to take care of the child’s future teeth and gums starting from the baby’s birthday. And parents have to brush their children’s teeth before they reach 10-12 years old, doctors say.

To avoid the development of caries in children, teach your child to drink clean water. It is not necessary to give children sweet tea, water, juice, and sugar at all.

5. Not pay attention to the fact that we erase the enamel

We are all prone to stress, and under its influence, we often gnash our teeth, especially at night. Our teeth, like a turtle’s shell, are enameled and very hard. But if the first layer of enamel wears off, then dentin (it is a hard tooth tissue that supports the enamel) begins to wear away.

As a result, thinned enamel and the habit of rubbing teeth can lead to serious dental problems. To restore worn teeth, you will need to cover them with special ceramic overlays.

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