Wisdom Teeth: Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom Teeth: Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Many dentists wonder if wisdom teeth need to be removed. There are many problems with wisdom teeth, which most patients are not ready to face in dental offices. In most cases, wisdom teeth provoke purulent diseases in the oral cavity. This can lead to complications of other diseases and pose some danger to the patient’s life.

Therefore, neglecting a timely examination of the oral cavity by a dentist is still not recommended. This will avoid the pathology of the bite, the development of caries or periodontitis. The main thing is to make an appointment with a dentist in time and follow all his instructions after treatment.

Wisdom teeth are sometimes cut in the oral cavity so that dramatically interferes with the normal growth of nearby teeth. Often the removal of the teeth of the extreme row is associated with their destruction when in the mouth is only a stump of the tooth. It is a direct breeding ground for an infection that leads to tooth decay and related dental diseases including periodontitis. Therefore, it is recommended to remove damaged wisdom teeth.

To avoid severe toothaches and severe swelling of the cheeks, you need to take care of the removal of a wisdom tooth in a timely manner.

Among the main reasons why wisdom teeth are better to remove immediately, there are:

  • Wrong position when the tooth lies with a horizontal tilt. It is not suitable for prosthetics, so it is not necessary to store it.
  • Lack of space for adjacent teeth. When the wisdom tooth becomes an obstacle to the normal eruption of adjacent teeth, it must be removed. Otherwise, there is a risk of displacement of the dentition and deformation of the entire bite.
  • Pericoronitis. This is an inflammation of the hood, which most often develops due to a wisdom tooth not removed in time. When part of the crown of the wisdom tooth is covered with a mucous membrane, the so-called hood, it can get pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the removal of such a tooth is important for the health of the entire oral cavity.

Removal of the wisdom tooth may not be so critical. Strange as it may sound, but the wisdom tooth has its advantages. If you compare them with other teeth, it erupts much less often than others. Also, they can be quite used as a basis of bridge prostheses.

If you remove the wisdom tooth, you can install the prosthesis in its place only by installing an implant. These are additional problems for the patient and an increase in the cost of treatment. Therefore, the removal of a wisdom tooth should be treated very carefully.

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