Myths about Oral Hygiene

Myths about Oral Hygiene

It is believed that all hygiene procedures with teeth should be carried out before going to bed when no more crumbs of food get into our mouths.

In fact, food debris is not so destructive for our teeth. Moreover, food debris can have a positive effect on teeth when it comes to, for example, salad herbs not seasoned with vinegar.

The remnants of yesterday’s food, in which the bacteria managed to settle, negatively affect the teeth and gums, and this, you see, is a big difference. It is with these “yesterday’s leftover food” that one should fight.

Thus, brushing your teeth after each meal is not only useless but also causes irreparable harm. There is nothing more destructive for teeth than the constant schizophrenic brushing of their surface.

In addition, dentists do not recommend brushing your teeth immediately after eating. This is due to the fact that food often contains acids that weaken tooth enamel.

Often, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, we begin to eat not at all healthy food, but light, not requiring energy for assimilation: finely chop salads, chop fruits and vegetables in a mixer. At first, we even feel some relief. As a result of this substitution, not only the stomach but also the teeth suffer over time.

A person just needs to chew hard (including meat), bite into apples, grind nuts with molars. Without it – on salads, bananas, and granola soaked in milk – our teeth will soon become unusable, and the muscles on our faces will sag.

How many times have we kept repeating to our children: “Don’t eat sweets, your teeth get spoiled!” In fact, teeth do not deteriorate at all from sweets, but from bacteria that actively eat sucrose. If the teeth and gums are well cleaned of bacteria, no sugar will harm them. And children just need sugar for proper development! Another reason to think.

Fans of a clean mouth are divided into two groups: some constantly chewing gum, while others endlessly rinse their mouth with water. Moreover, many people are simply obsessed with water, claiming that you need to drink 3 liters of liquid per day, and not in one gulp, but in one sip every minute.

In fact, 3 liters of fluid per day should be drunk only if you want to disable your kidneys and heart. And to drink water constantly, by the throat – a sure way to part with your teeth.

Why? Because there is nothing more destructive for tooth enamel than depriving it of the environment in which it is most successfully restored. And this environment is our saliva. In fact, it is saliva that dramatically affects the condition of the teeth. Continuous water intake does not remove bacteria and food debris from the mouth. Water only prevents our body from creating in the mouth a mouth-water unique in its healing properties, restoring the enamel of our teeth.

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