How to Care for Dental Implants

How to Care for Dental Implants

The speed and end result of their implantation, as well as the health of the gums and teeth, depend from the quality of dental implant care. There is nothing complicated in the care of the oral cavity after implantation. All implant care recommendations can be followed at home.

The whole set of measures to maintain oral hygiene is aimed at removing food debris, bacterial layer, and plaque from:

  • the prosthesis itself;
  • crown part;
  • space between teeth;
  • gums;
  • in the slot around the implant.

Daily care of dental implants is:

1. Thorough brushing of teeth with a brush of medium softness every morning and at bedtime.
2. Choosing a toothpaste that does not contain abrasive particles.
3. The use of interproximal brushes or brushes with bundles to remove contaminants from the interdental space and the lingual part (the inner surface that comes into contact with the tongue).
4. Using dental flossing after each meal.
5. Regular rinsing of the oral cavity with special solutions or irrigators.
6. Preventive examinations at the dentist every six months, as well as in professional teeth cleaning for complete removal of сalculus and plaque.

Complete oral care after implantation is almost no different from the usual procedures recommended by dentists. The only difference is the need for more thorough cleaning of the space around the implant to prevent inflammation, bacterial growth, and re-implantation.

To care for a removable prosthesis you need:

1. After removing the prosthesis, carefully clean its inner and outer parts from dirt and food debris with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.
2. Treat implants with a special antibacterial solution. To do this, it is immersed in a container with liquid for the time specified in the instructions from the manufacturer.
3. Clean abutments daily – small metal structures to which the prosthesis is attached – with a soft toothbrush and floss.

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