Factors That Affect Caries

Factors That Affect Caries

Why does it happen: someone remembers a dentist every five years and gets off with preventative brushing, while someone constantly torments toothache and they have to spend a lot of money on dental caries?

Inherited Teeth

The way our teeth, or rather enamel, can resist tooth decay, is called the long word “caries resistance.” With her or her lack, we are born. The notorious heredity plays a big role in dental health. Surely, everyone will have a lucky friend who brushes his teeth every other day and does not remember what a dentist is. Do not imitate him! He has all the problems ahead, and the perfect smile will remain forever with those who care about their teeth daily!

Caries in the big city

Even very good teeth are at risk in modern environmental conditions. Those who eat only farm-fresh food, drink pure spring water, do not consume foods with preservatives, dyes, flavors, and various inorganic additives, have a chance to keep their teeth healthy and strong. Now think about how realistic this is in the metropolis?

Hidden sugar is more harmful than chocolate

We have been told since childhood: sweets cause tooth decay! Yes, sugar is really harmful to teeth, but nothing terrible will happen from one piece of chocolate or candy. But the problem is that sugar is found not only in sweets and chocolate, and we do not always realize that we use it in large quantities when we gnaw through drying or drink juices. So it’s better to eat some chocolate and drink it with water.

Microparticles of any carbohydrate food that remains on the teeth affect the development of caries. Ideally, you should at least rinse your mouth, and it’s better to brush your teeth, if not after each meal, then certainly after each dessert. Indeed, a soft coating remains on the teeth of food, which must be cleaned on time, otherwise, it becomes a hotbed of bacteria, hardens, forms stones, and provokes the occurrence of caries.

Body harmony promotes healthy teeth

Of course, teeth are part of our bodies. And if the body is weakened, then it is more difficult for the teeth to remain in service. Diseases, the use of medicines, everything that lowers immunity, also reduces the resistance of teeth to caries attacks. Also important is the mineral and vitamin balance, which we strive to achieve throughout life. However, we are mistaken in thinking that if we eat cottage cheese for breakfast, then we have enough calcium for healthy teeth. Unfortunately, the digestibility of calcium even from dairy products is not complete. High levels of fluoride in water are also a common cause of tooth suffering.

Dental health is in our hands

The causes of dental caries can be very different, and not all factors we can influence. However, we can very well do what we can to keep our teeth healthy longer. An important role is played by brushing when we remove the harmful soft coating. And if we brush our teeth correctly with a suitable paste, then we extend their life.

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