Dentistry During COVID-19 Outbreak

Dentistry During COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus infection is a type of SARS that is transmitted in the same way as common colds. This means that subject to all the rules of sterilization and processing of instruments, surfaces, and rooms, the risk of infection with the virus is reduced to zero.

During a coronavirus pandemic, going into the dental office, anyone wants to be sure not only of the highly qualified doctor who will carry out the procedures, but also that the treatment will take place under sterile conditions.

The main aspect of providing antimicrobial disinfection in dentistry is the sterilization of the instruments used. It is the instruments that touch the patient’s mucosa, as well as penetrate the canals of the tooth, so they must be sterilized with all possible care.

How dentistry ensures customer safety

1. All consumables must be disposable. Gloves, masks, wipes, protective aprons, hats, etc. After use, they must be disposed of by the regulations.

2. Doctors and assistants work in disposable masks and gloves, which change several times during the appointment.

3. All instruments, including an individual patient kit, an initial examination kit, undergo several degrees of sterilization after each patient in strict accordance with standards. Sterilization is carried out using the steam method under pressure. For this, dentists use the most modern autoclaves providing a high degree of cleaning and disinfection of instruments.

4. All surfaces in the rooms are treated with a disinfectant after each patient.

5. It is necessary to process not only the surfaces but also air. Dental offices should be equipped with bactericidal lamps.

6. In the bathrooms, it is imperative to carry out hourly treatment of all surfaces with a disinfectant.

7. Remember personal hygiene. Each employee at the entrance to the clinic leaves outerwear in the dressing room, change shoes, washes his hands with soap.

However, no disinfection system can save more from a coronavirus than the basic quarantine rule is to stay at home. Dentists advise you to go to the clinic only in case of an emergency. If the situation is not such, it is better to use painkillers and try to wait out quarantine.

In order not to endanger themselves and their loved ones, dentists advise not to forget to monitor oral hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss and irrigator.

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