Top 5 Dental Myths and Misconceptions

Top 5 Dental Myths and MisconceptionsThe need to treat or remove a sick tooth is capable of plunging into the genuine horror of even the strongest and most confident potential client of the dental clinic. Consider and debunk the most popular myths about dental diseases and their prevention.

5 myths about teeth and dentistry

1. If the teeth do not bother, a visit to the dentist is optional. This is an absolute delusion; neglect of preventive visits to the doctor is fraught with a long and expensive treatment of dental diseases not detected at their initial stage, when the therapy can be implemented quickly and without unnecessary costs.

2. Removing the tooth is cheaper than his treatment. In fact, if there are no reasons for removing the tooth from the medical point of view, it is best to keep it. Having saved on a single dental procedure, the patient provides himself with inevitable further expenses for denture prosthetics or his even more expensive implantation.

3. The absence of a tooth does not imply its mandatory and urgent recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that in place of missing teeth, there is a gradual thinning of bone tissue, which significantly complicates the subsequent activities for dental implantation. In addition, due to increased load on other teeth, abrasion of their masticatory surface and deformation of the dentition are observed, which leads to significant bite disorders.

4. Effectively eliminate the toothache can be with alcohol or aspirin. Reality: using such drugs for local anesthesia, the patient in no way will relieve himself of ill-fated symptoms, but at the same time he risks getting a serious burn of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

5. Cleaning teeth is detrimental to the state of their enamel. This statement is true only for whitening toothpastes abounding with abrasive components. Brushing your teeth is necessary and disciplined; otherwise, the appearance of caries and plaque for the opponent of such procedures is inevitable.

If at the thought of the upcoming visit to the doctor you are experiencing a slight panic, remember that modern dentistry has the means and techniques that ensure the treatment of dental diseases completely painless for the patient. Therefore, overcome all your fears – and very soon you will captivate others with your impeccable, radiant and healthy, snow-white smile!

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