Tooth Infections Affect All Your Body

Tooth Infections Affect All Your Body

Clean teeth are less likely to hurt. The main enemy of teeth and gums – poor hygiene and ordinary human laziness:

  • Brushing your teeth two or three times.
  • Regularly going to the dentist.
  • Use brushes and rinser.

Healthy mouth

Many microorganisms live in the mouth, but they are completely harmless with proper dental care.

If care is improper or insufficient, there are two diseases: tooth decay and periodontitis.

Caries destroy a tooth, the infection spreads to healthy teeth, holes appear in them and, eventually, the teeth need to be removed.

Periodontitis is one of the most insidious diseases – inflammation of the gums, which affects the condition of the body.

Sick teeth affect not only the disease but also the general condition of the person. A person becomes irritated, loses appetite and sleep.

Diseases associating with sick teeth


Sick teeth do not cause diabetes, but they are connecting with this disease.

The inflammatory process in the gums – periodontitis – can affect the level of sugar in the body, so it is necessary to undergo timely treatment at the dentist, as well as to select individual care.

Inflammatory processes in pregnant women

Inflammatory processes of the gums in pregnant women are exacerbated by the hormonal status of women. And it is also affected by the cleanliness of the teeth.

In addition, gingivitis in pregnant women doubles the likelihood of premature birth and influences the normal weight of the newborn.

Cardiovascular diseases

Bacteria enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

The consequences and complications of this process may be different for everyone.

Sick teeth especially affect the cardiovascular system, can cause inflammation of the walls of blood vessels.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Bacteria from the mouth through the blood can also cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Inflammatory processes can be triggered by periodontitis.

Brush and paste are your best friends

If everything is so serious, then how to choose the right toothbrushes and toothpaste?

Simply – individually with your dentist.

However, most patients receive advice on this issue only from the seller in supermarkets.

It has been proven that an electric toothbrush is much more effective than a manual one. This is confirmed by the American Dental Associations.

The hand (manual) brush is light, people often press it too hard against the teeth and damage the enamel.


Often toothpaste is considering only a toothbrush helper, flavoring. But there are some recommendations for choosing toothpaste:

  • People with tooth decay should buy fluoride paste.
  • For those who suffer from periodontitis, a paste with anti-inflammatory additives and without fluoride is suitable.
  • And those who have caries and periodontitis, you should buy anti-inflammatory paste, but to prevent tooth decay.

Do not forget about auxiliary means of cleaning teeth: dental floss, and rinses.

Professional dental hygiene

It is effective to visit a professional hygienist every six months, who will perform professional cleaning of teeth and gums.

Doing hygiene every six months, you can forget about treatment at the dentist for many years or a lifetime.

Healthy teeth are the key to the health of the whole body!

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