Taking care of the dental implants

B & W implant components crownDurable materials are used in dental implants but that does not give them the tag of being “indestructible”. Little caution and care can ensure one in protecting their teeth for a longer term.

Some tips one should be keeping in mind:

1. Dental implants can absorb heat and retain it for a much longer time period than the normal tooth enamel. Every morning, if one is in the habit of drinking scalding coffee, the heat that is given off by the dental implant may result in burning away the cells surrounding the tooth. If this process continues repeatedly, there will be nothing to hold the dental implant in its exact place. Now one might be a bit confused regarding the concept of “too hot”. An easy way to test the “hotness” is by taking the coffee cup in one’s own hand and feel whether the cup singes the fingers. If it does then one should cool it down for 5 minutes before consuming it.

2. Porcelain crown present inside a dental implant gets expanded by heat and contracted by cold. If the thing experiences massive changes in temperature, such as one is having hot soup and chilled beer simultaneously, then it might result in the crown to come off. When one is having a meal, they should not be in too much hurry. Between spoonfuls and courses, one should be taking enough time to switch-over.

3. Withstanding electrical toothbrushes can be too good a challenge for dental implants. Metal screw is used for securing the dental implants inside one’s mouth. The vibrations caused by electrical toothbrushes results in the screw to get loose. The dentist can’t use a screwdriver inside the mouth to “tighten the screw” as it is the implant where the screw is located. Instead, one needs to replace the implant.

4. Good flossing means properly cleaning the gaps between teeth and gum. If that gap is flossed very vigorously then it will be hurting the gums. Overdoing the hygiene is a great indication of pain. “Peri-implant” seals are used to attach the implants with the gums. The seal can be easily broken as nerves are not present in them. If such a situation arises, then the breach will be open for bacteria to develop, which will then be attacking the bone around the implant. This will end up in a costly visit to the dentist.

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