How Alcohol Impacts Dental Implant Surgeries

alcohol and dental implantsAlcohol is a permissible drink in most countries. However, the warning for health injury is also as common with alcohol. Indeed, over consumption of drinks that contain alcohol in high concentration can cause serious damage to internal organs and systems. Oral cancer becomes inevitable at times for alcoholics. It is because the effect of this compound inhibits saliva-flow irritates soft oral tissues. Limited drinking, however, may not be as bad.

Here people can find out what are the effects of alcohol on dental implant surgeries.

  1. Alcohol causes dehydration while patients need to remain hydrated post surgery.
  2. Human body should get maximum nutrients before surgeries because they help in faster recovery. But alcohol impairs nutrient ingestion causing no or reduced benefit.
  3. Alcohol interferes with post-operation antibiotics.
  4. Alcohol slows down blood coagulation. Blood Coagulation is that natural characteristic of a body that is needed in every surgery. Surgery for dental implant may fail due to open wounds.
  5. Alcohol develops tendency to smoke, which is worse than drinking for dental implants.
  6. Alcohol must be completely avoided for the first week after the surgery. Patients who have been prescribed painkillers must further avoid problematic drugs.
  7. Patients must ask dentist’s advice on which mouthwash to use as some contain alcohol.
  8. The degree of alcohol consumption is hard to be detected by oral examination, which is why patients must outright mention their drinking habits to dentists, who needs to determine whether the dental implant should be carried out.
  9. Prolonged heavy drinking causes bone loss and affect the longevity of the implant.
  10. Gum and teeth become sensitive due to alcohol.

Author Bio: Tony Rolland is a marketing consultant for Santa Rosa dentist Valeria Lawrence DDS, a progressive Santa Rosa,CA dentist. Tony writes about alternative medicine, health, dentistry and advancements in medicine and dentistry.

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