Benefits of Tongue Scraper

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Dental hygiene is a term which people generally associate with teeth as well as gums. A dentist usually emphasizes on these particular areas. However, extra care is necessary for tongue also. Accumulation of fungi as well as food particles takes place on its surface. During morning time if the tongue seems a bit brown in colour, it indicates consumption of coffee during night time. Development of bacteria often takes place at tongue’s back portion and one of the major reasons behind occurrence of halitosis. The bacteria can multiply quite fast and damage teeth as well as gums. The most straightforward way of tongue cleaning is through using toothbrush. But there is a difference between toothbrush and tongue brush. A human tongue has different hidden crevices which are quite hard to reach by using toothbrush. But tongue scrapers are manufactured in such a way that lifting as well as trapping of plaque can be achieved quite easily.

Apart from what dentist suggest, tongue scrapers have numerous other benefits.

  • A traditional system of medicine in India, Ayurveda emphasizes on the fact that ama is removed by scraper. Indigestion of food results in toxic substance production known as ama. Within the body it can create blockages but manifestation generally starts on tongue. When such unwanted sludge gets removed, ama cannot get inside the body.
  • With the assistance of scraper, the palate gets cleaned easily and tasting food becomes easier. There are quite a lot of foods which tend to leave coating on tongue and insulate taste buds.
  • Oral bacteria often get linked with heart troubles, premature birth, infertility among men, osteoporosis and pneumonia. Although tongue scrapers cannot cure such disorders but help to improve general health.
  • White tongue often looks unattractive although it is harmless. Scrapers can help to remove these debris quite effectively leaving the tongue clean and retain its original colour.

There are numerous types of tongue scrapers out there in the market and only a dentist can suggest the most appropriate one.

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