The Buzz Around Periodontitis

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Periodontitis is a common buzz in media today. The main reason behind this buzz is the reports that it has some connection with erectile dysfunction. Some reports even suggest that treatment related with periodontal problem can help to treat erectile dysfunction problems. There have been studies in Turkey and China about this relation of these two problems. These studies consisted of dentist and also one control group. The standards of the experiment have been good enough and those report suggest that if one can get healed of his gum problems then they can expect to reduce the problem that comes with this disease known as erectile dysfunction.

The study that was conducted in Turkey had two groups and all had the problem of the disease of erectile dysfunction. While one group had been treated for their periodontal problem the other one wasn’t given this treatment. After this the one group that had been treated showed improvement while other group one that was not treated showed some increase in erectile dysfunction. The result was same in this university in china. But there the study had been conducted on the rats. Though the study seems to be a good one on paper one must understand the facts well before concluding on it. There is some other factor that needs to be studied. Currently people must focus on already known techniques of treating these problems. To treat periodontal problem people should go to a well versed dentist. It is very important to have a healthy mouth if one wants to live a healthy life. Foul smell from the mouth can also lead to embarrassment.

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