How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

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The main role in the development of Tooth Decay in the child is heredity. In order to reduce the influence of genetic factors, prevention is necessary. In many ways to prevent tooth decay helps nutrition.

Diet for the teeth begins with the mother’s milk. If the diet of the nursing mother is balanced, she eats enough fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, and all the healthy vitamins and microelements are received by a child with breast milk. The baby’s bones are fed, the jaw develops correctly.

When a child grows up, they start giving him a lure. It is better to start with fresh fruits and vegetables, and not with ready meals, since in the finished product, no matter how natural and quality it is, contains a certain amount of preservatives. Later, the child should include in the diet sour-milk products, especially cottage cheese and hard cheeses.

Approximately from 1,5-2 years, when the child already knows how to consciously chew and swallow, it is important to give him fruits and vegetables whole, so that he chew them. Solid vegetables and fruits have several important functions for the development of children’s teeth. In addition to saturating the growing body with vitamins, they serve as a natural cleansing of teeth from plaque. But do not forget about the gums. The gums in children can become inflamed and bleed for any reason. Massaging the gum, when the child chews, vegetables and fruits help to strengthen it and blood vessels. In addition, when a child gnaws on hard foods with its teeth, the entire dental system is properly formed at the expense of the load: muscles, ligaments, jaw, skull bones. If the vegetables and fruits are rubbed with a blender, the chewing apparatus is not used. What is not used in the body is atrophied. And this entails the development of diseases of the dentoalveolar system.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Your Baby

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To permanent teeth under the dairy formed correctly, the body must maintain a good blood supply. Therefore, in addition to the above products in the children’s diet is important to include nuts. They contain essential amino acids, which nourish not only the forming teeth, but also the circulatory system. Products that are useful for the circulatory system include also fermented milk products and green tea.

But compotes are desirable to exclude from the diet of children who have only erupted milk teeth. They contain fructose, which leads to the destruction of only erupted and not strong yet teeth.

As well as sweet foods (sweets, sweet drinks), acidic products are harmful to the teeth not yet fully formed. Acids destroy the teeth.

If you give your child sweets, it is better to give preference to chocolate, and then brush your teeth and rinse. Categorically unsuitable for teeth are candies and chupa-chups, since these sweets contain a large amount of sugar and stay in the mouth for a long time. When sucking on sugar candies, the baby’s teeth quickly deteriorate, literally crumbling before our eyes. The same applies to jelly sweets and toffee. They stick to the teeth, and they are difficult to clean, because the chewing surface of the teeth in children has many furrows.

It is important to remember that in addition to nutrition, hygiene of the oral cavity is important, which must be done before the appearance of the first teeth.

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