The Different Aspects of Dental Implants

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In spite of quite a number of advances in dentistry field, there are several people suffering from gingivitis, injury or tooth decay. For quite a number of years, missing teeth problem have been addressed by dentures and bridges but dental implants inception have brought about huge changes. These are small anchors made out of titanium. These anchors are placed into the person’s jawbone for replacement of missing teeth. After Osseointegration, the tooth that is replaced is properly adjusted on top of the implant. Once the entire procedure is finished, the person never gets the feeling that there is a replaced tooth in the mouth.

In case of teeth missing from jawbone, bone around that area starts shrinking. Jaw line receding might occur when there is bone loss in some area part of jawbone. Jawbone deterioration is easily stopped with dental implants which helps the face in regaining its original shape. Dentures often result in slipping or movement but dental implants do not pose such problems. As a because of that, pain, bad fit and gum irritation are reduced to great extent. People with such implants feel a lot confident and do not face embarrassment while laughing, smiling or speaking. The idea of implants developed a long time ago during Mayan Civilization which has been proved by the excavations that have taken place.

The entire procedure usually occurs within 4 to 9 months and the initial placement procedure takes place at dentist’s office under local or general anaesthesia. After implant procedure is finished, the bone automatically attaches itself to implant and attachment of artificial tooth is done for completing the procedure. In order to make the implant successful there has to be sufficient jawbone for holding and supporting the implant. These implants can easily change the outside appearance of people.

Dental implant success percentage is largely dependent on area where the procedure is performed. In most cases, success rate has been significantly high and estimated to be 98%. Those people who are fit for tooth extraction can easily undergo dental implants. On top of sufficient jaw bones, strong gums are required so that such procedures can easily be performed. People who smoke quite a lot along with those affected with diabetes or heart disease require evaluation so as to ensure they are in proper condition for undergoing these procedures. The procedure usually costs a lot and is often not included in dental insurance.

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