Listen to the Dentist and Quit Smoking!

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Smoking is such an addiction that can impel  you to depend on it both physically and psychologically. Whereas smoking has the ability to harm every part of your body, your mouth lies at the highest risk. Your dentist can easily distinguish between smoking and non smoking teeth. Mouth remains one among the several organs in the body that suffers a prolonged effect of smoking tobacco. Smoking is harmful enough to cause severe damage to gums and oral health. It has the ability to cause inflammation of your gums and other infections that affect the setting and balance of teeth. The most common and harmful diseases that smoking causes are gingivitis, periodontitis, and ANUG


If you are addicted to smoking, you may also suffer bad breath. This is caused mainly because the smoker retains and exhales the smoke that is inhaled. You should be well aware of the fact about smoking that it may cause oral cancers too. The procedure of smoking liberates various irritants, carcinogenic materials and toxins and this changes the lining of mucus in oral tissues. Studies reveal the fact that oral cancers are more common in the smokers than the non smokers.


Apart from severe problems and diseases caused due to smoking, this habit can cause other problems too. It can cause stains to your teeth. Moreover, the stains that are caused on the dentures are irremovable because they get inside the plastic coating of denture. If you have addictions to cigars and pipes, they can wear your teeth down due to abrasion.

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