Coffee Decays Teeth But May Prevent Oral Cancer

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According to the reports of the latest research conducted by a prominent body in the US, The ACS, coffee has been found to be preventive against oral cancer. ACS officially released the results of the study sate that people who take coffee quite often are less prone to oral cancer and die of it. The results, however, are insufficient to change the notion any dentist regarding coffee as enamel decay is primarily related to it. Other substances that are considered equally damaging for enamel are tea, red wine, etc.

The discussion cannot end here. The preventive measures for oral cancer have be sought vigorously. While researches on cancer continue, ignorance has to be eradicated. By being aware of what means what, people can avoid certain serious issues and diseases. In this context, indicators of cancer must be known to all. Formation of lump in cheek, numbness or discolouration of any part of mouth, persistent sores, trouble in jaw-movements, swallowing, chewing, etc., swelling of jaws, sensation of an object stuck in the throat, etc. are a few of the effects that must not be ignored ever.

Those effects might be early indication of cancerous infections or they just might be regular issues like canker, tonsillitis, etc. Since, doctors have the expertise to detect whether these conditions are normal or abnormal. A dentist has sufficient expertise too. Those who visit dentists routinely would be told by their respective dentists as and when any abnormality in the oral cavity is detected. Thus, issue can be treated by an appropriate doctor and complications can be avoided.

‘Why a dentist does not recommend consumption of coffee even though it is preventive against cancer’ remains the question that scratches minds. The answer lies in the evidence. All the proves that are in support of merits of coffee are either not legitimate enough or not adequate in number to give advicesor suggestions on their basis. There is still a long way to go and researches to be done to establish the merits coffee. However, its ill-effects on enamel are established and known for long. One of the major effects of coffee is the wearing of enamel, which makes it prone to formation of cavity, plaque, etc. that gradually decay teeth. Acidic drinks such as tea, soda, etc. have similar effects on enamel too. Therefore, coffee cannot be included in the books of recommendations of dentistry unless more evidences establish merits of coffee.

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