Exposure to X-rays tests’ radiations

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The routine followed at any dental clinic is almost the same throughout the country. People who visit dentists regularly or have visited several times might have even memorized entire process. X-rays tests of patients’ oral cavity is among the regularly activities. The shoulders of visitors are draped with lead aprons and then the X-ray is carried out. X-rays help doctors to see beneath the outer shell of teeth in search of cavities and germs. However, the fear of exposure to X-rays radiations is very common among people and most of them are often found to be concerned about its ill-effects. This fear originates primarily from the perception radiations generated by nuclear weapons.

It would be childish to conclude that X-rays pose same threat to human health as radiations generated by nuclear weapons. It cannot, however, be said that X-rays never cause health hazards, but that it’s very rare is certain.

Some considerable facts about X-rays can be found under:

1.         The X-ray devices and techniques that are used by a partcular dentist generate radiation that are well within the standards of ALARA proposed by ADA. This principle recommends that radiations must be as less as it can be worked with. Xrays are radiations but the level of radiation that is involved in medical examinations is fairly low and within safety standards. In fact, a dentist does not require high levels of X-rays radiations to detect what it wants to. For instance, DDS Valeria Lawrence uses digital radiography which is quicker more convenient and emits even less radiation than conventional devices. Besides, its results are clearer than photographic examination systems and can even be enlarged for better view.

2.         The number of times that a person is exposed to radiations of X-rays radiation is also a determinant factor of its harm. Even X-rays done by a dentist can be potentially harmful but only if a person goes through it after an interval of every 3-4 days for one whole year. It is more harmful to pregnant women and children than grown-up males.

3.         Recently, brain tumors have been linked to X-rays radiation. The study, however was conducted on very small number of subjects and had not taken some vital factors into consideration. The actual results revealed only 3 out of 100000 cases of tumor.

4.         Panoramic X-rays involve greater risk of radiation than that of Bitewing X-rays. Moreover, irrespective of how rarely X-rays harm humans, a dentist must avoid the procedure if not necessary.

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