Dental Flippers in Palm Harbor Office

Flipper in Dentist Palm Harbor officeThe patients at my Palm harbor dentist office range in age and situation, and so I’ve seen lots of different situations where, like any good Tampa Bay dentist, I have to recommend a dental flipper. A dental flipper is one way to replace a missing tooth. Most often it is a temporary measure. In this case the dental flipper teeth might be used while an area heals, prior to implant surgery or bridge work.

Dental flippers are held in place kind of like an orthodontic retainer. Flipper teeth improve the person’s appearance, but may not help with chewing. Implant surgery and sometimes bridge work as well can be a process that can take several months. Imagine you are in the middle of a long procedure and soon after leaving your dentist in Palm Harbor you have to go to a family wedding. You want to look good for those photos, right? Life happens!

The dental flipper teeth are what the patient uses during the interim. I’m happy to say we have wonderful labs in the area that are able to provide a quality dental flipper for Palm Harbor dentists. Of course it is the role of the palm harbor dentist and Tampa Bay dentist to build the relationships with labs that provide the best dental flippers. I’m proud to say I’ve established those relationships, having worked as a Palm Harbor dentist in the Tampa Bay area for many years.

But back to dental flippers! In all my years as a Palm Harbor dentist I’ve had some pretty interesting dental flipper questions asked to me by my patients. Here’s a few of them, answered up front: They don’t hinder your speech. They usually cost between three and five hundred dollars. At least that’s how it is for a Tampa dentist. Many people do take their dental flipper out when they eat. They are appropriate for adolescents who are still growing. And, most importantly, they shouldn’t affect your ability to smooch 🙂

So if you’re going for a Tampa Bay sunset cruise after visiting your Palm harbor dentist, the dental flipper shouldn’t ruin a romantic moment! I have to say, I really am lucky to be a Palm Harbor dentist, and Tampa Bay really is a great place for a sunset cruise.

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