Ways to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the teeth increases, as a rule, as a result of the erasure of the enamel. To avoid the appearance of this problem, it is important that the right toothpaste for sensitive teeth is initially selected, as well as a good toothbrush. Dentists note that the hypersensitivity of teeth complains quite a lot of patients who apply to them. Therefore, do not rush to solve this problem on your own, despite the fact that toothpastes for sensitive teeth often give a quick and qualitative result, you should consult with a specialist before using them. To properly assign treatment, the dentist will first try to identify the reason for the problem.

Extremely Sensitive Teeth

Causes of hypersensitivity of teeth

The sensitivity of teeth to dentists is also called hyperesthesia. This disease is a consequence of the fact that as a result of certain influences or simply over time, the tooth enamel becomes thinner. The pulp of the tooth with nerve fibers is surrounded by dentin. This fabric in the upper part is protected by enamel, and in the lower part, covered with gum. Over time, the protection decreases, because of which the teeth can react to temperature (cold, heat) or other stimuli.

So, the causes of hyperesthesia can be:

Lowering the gums. Usually this is either an age-related change or a result of poor-quality dental cleaning
Diseases of the gums
Tooth Injury
Frequent use of drinks, which contain a large amount of acid, etc.

In order to know for sure, what the cause served the development of the disease, one should resort to the help of a specialist.

What will help to get rid of the problem?

Hypersensitivity of the teeth gives the patient quite a lot of unpleasant sensations, especially during meals. In order to get rid of this problem, it is recommended to go to dentistry.

What will help to get rid of the problem?
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The following tools can be used for this:

To strengthen the tooth tissues, sensitive areas are covered with a special fluorine-containing lacquer.
Those areas in which the enamel is very thin, can be restored using special technologies.
Also, experts advise using hyperesthesia to use a soft brush.
The easiest way to get rid of hyperesthesia is paste for sensitive teeth. The expert can advise to apply for cleaning toothpaste, which contains a large amount of fluoride, which contributes to strengthening the enamel.
In addition, it should be noted that there are toothpastes for sensitive teeth that contain salts of potassium and strontium. The principle of their action is that strontium chloride penetrates into the channels of the dentin, narrows them, thereby closing the holes. Potassium ions suppress sensory nerve activity.

After the patient started using a paste that reduces the sensitivity of the teeth, the result can be noticed after a week. Important in this case is the right choice of dental equipment.
Experts of our clinic take into account the possibility of reducing the sensitivity of teeth during various dental manipulations, such as, for example, teeth whitening. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and techniques, it became possible to whiten the teeth of the patient for several tones in just one or two sessions, without compromising the health of the enamel and dentin.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

It should be noted that the paste for sensitive teeth can be different. Its species differ among themselves not only in value, but also in composition and principle of action. The best option is to select a tool by a professional.

Usually, doctors do not recommend people who are highly sensitive to use toothpastes for teeth whitening, as they are in most cases highly abrasive. However, there are exceptions. Such pastes for sensitive teeth include components that reduce this characteristic. Usually potassium chloride, potassium nitrate is present here. Experts do not advise using these drugs for a long time due to the fact that with reduced sensitivity of the oral cavity, you can skip the symptoms of any dental disease.

Applied toothpaste can alternate between each other. So, with hyperesthesia and a tendency to caries, in the morning, dentists advise using means that reduce the sensitivity of teeth, and in the evening – anti-inflammatory. From time to time toothpaste with curative effects should be changed. Currently, manufacturers offer comprehensive tools aimed at achieving several goals.

Prevention of hyperesthesia

Do not forget that the best way to combat any disease is to prevent it. Knowing the reasons for the high pain sensitivity of teeth, it is easy to determine and ways to prevent it.

The sensitivity of the teeth can be influenced by food consumed by humans. So, some products contain a large amount of acid, which contributes to the “dissolution” of the enamel, for example, citrus. Therefore, those who have a predisposition to hypersensitivity of teeth, do not abuse them.

One of the main recommendations is a periodic examination at the dentist. In addition, you should properly brush your teeth. Do not think that the most effective cleaning of teeth can only a rigid brush. In fact, with certain skills, you can use soft bristles, but the result will be almost the same.

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