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Our dental implant in Sydney can provide you natural-looking teeth without much hassle. We implant an artificial tooth in place of the missing teeth. You might have lost your teeth due to tooth decay or injury. Whatever may be the cause; our dentists will put an anchor in your jaw using titanium or similar metal. The new tooth will be extended from the post out of the anchor, and the jawbone will grow around the anchor. For more information, please visit

Dental Implants Sydney

A missing tooth can do more than affect your appearance and confidence. The gap in your gums can also affect the alignment of teeth and increase the risk of developing other dental conditions. Dental implants are an ideal solution for replacing teeth when they are badly damaged due to disease, decay or trauma. A dental implant is a procedure whereby a metal implant, usually a small titanium screw, is surgically placed into the jawbone which acts as a root for the artificial tooth, bridges or dentures. Over time, the metal implant fuses with the jaw bone and remains a strong support for the fake teeth. A natural tooth coloured crown is then placed over the dental Implant.

Our Sydney dental implant dentists at Tooth Implant Sydney will answer all of your questions regarding the different kind of dental implants and help you in making the right choice of procedure.

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