Selection of Appropriate Toothpaste

Toothpaste is used in almost every house by almost every person. However, it is rarely considered for treatment and its use is general. However, there are various toothpastes for various oral conditions. A standard toothpaste is alright for people who have overall healthy teeth and gum. However, people who have special conditions, which could be even dis-satisfactory effect of certain toothpaste, should consult their dentist about the most appropriate toothpaste. Sensitivity towards certain foods, addiction to certain beverages or certain forms of tobacco, etc. cannot be dealt Read More +

About Dental Implants to Laymen

This post is meant to provide basic information about dental implants to laymen. People are often found to ask dentists and other medical practitioners among their family or friends about dental science. The curiosity has grown as a result of the growing cases of dental issues. However, the curiosity soon fades behind technical jargons that form considerable portion of the explanation about dentistry and the so-inquisitive people want the conversation to end after being a few minutes through it. However, to know about the fundamentals Read More +

Cigarettes Are Troubles in Terms of Dentistry

Everyone knows about the ill-effects of smoking on humans’ health. It is the cause of varieties of health issues such as lung cancer and emphysema. Cigarettes affect teeth and overall oral health beyond stinking breaths. Before one gets scolded by a dentist, effects of smoking on dental health as mentioned in Cliff’s note must be read. Smoking is portrayed glamorously in movies against the reality. Mobsters and femme fatales are always shown with cigarettes in their hands. The studious ones are shown otherwise. Rather, a Read More +

Coffee Decays Teeth But May Prevent Oral Cancer

According to the reports of the latest research conducted by a prominent body in the US, The ACS, coffee has been found to be preventive against oral cancer. ACS officially released the results of the study sate that people who take coffee quite often are less prone to oral cancer and die of it. The results, however, are insufficient to change the notion any dentist regarding coffee as enamel decay is primarily related to it. Other substances that are considered equally damaging for enamel are Read More +

Listen to the Dentist and Quit Smoking!

Smoking is such an addiction that can impel  you to depend on it both physically and psychologically. Whereas smoking has the ability to harm every part of your body, your mouth lies at the highest risk. Your dentist can easily distinguish between smoking and non smoking teeth. Mouth remains one among the several organs in the body that suffers a prolonged effect of smoking tobacco. Smoking is harmful enough to cause severe damage to gums and oral health. It has the ability to cause inflammation Read More +

Facts in Relation to Dental Implants

Developments and advancements have been steady in dental surgeries. Dentistry has witnessed numerous beneficial innovations including the latest called dental implants. Implantation in dentistry means construction and placement of artificial teeth in place decayed ones. Implants have posts that are fixed to jawbone so that they hold the enamel in place like roots of natural teeth. Posts and other elaborate procedures that are followed in surgery make dental implants reliable and most similar to natural teeth in functionality. Partials, Dentures, Bridges, etc. are still the Read More +

Exposure to X-rays tests’ radiations

The routine followed at any dental clinic is almost the same throughout the country. People who visit dentists regularly or have visited several times might have even memorized entire process. X-rays tests of patients’ oral cavity is among the regularly activities. The shoulders of visitors are draped with lead aprons and then the X-ray is carried out. X-rays help doctors to see beneath the outer shell of teeth in search of cavities and germs. However, the fear of exposure to X-rays radiations is very common among people Read More + Read More +

Dental Flippers in Palm Harbor Office

The patients at my Palm harbor dentist office range in age and situation, and so I’ve seen lots of different situations where, like any good Tampa Bay dentist, I have to recommend a dental flipper. A dental flipper is one way to replace a missing tooth. Most often it is a temporary measure. In this case the dental flipper teeth might be used while an area heals, prior to implant surgery or bridge work. Dental flippers are held in place kind of like an orthodontic Read More + Read More +

Dental Tips to Keep in Mind while Travelling

Locating some dentist in Santa Rosa is quite easy. Sonoma County has quite a lot of dental facilities where top quality dental service is offered. But things become difficult when somebody has to travel abroad where it gets hard to locate quality dental facilities. Tooth problems are quite capable to spoil perfect vacations. Through some precautionary steps it is possible to avoid teeth problems no matter where the person is travelling. Read More +

Ward Off The Dental Problems By Paying Visit The Dentist

A rather recent study taken out by Pew center reveals that a majority of Americans seek the help of Emergency rooms for dental checkup when they are troubled with dental problems giving issuance to toothache. In 2011, near about 55000 dental patients visiting the Tennessee Hospitals have been recorded, who needed urgently a dental checkup. But the numerical record of burn cases in 2011 are lower than 12000.  Read More +