Are dental implants reliable?

According to the study that has been performed by Millennium Research Group, the dental implants procedure would nearly decline in the decade ahead as the process becomes more popular. The process had been limited to a tiny group of scientists in the past, which, now, is performed by almost all the dentists. Almost all of the dentists are imparted training so that they can carry out this dental implants process. At least 1 permanent tooth in an adult who is between the age of 35 Read More +

How Alcohol Impacts Dental Implant Surgeries

Alcohol is a permissible drink in most countries. However, the warning for health injury is also as common with alcohol. Indeed, over consumption of drinks that contain alcohol in high concentration can cause serious damage to internal organs and systems. Oral cancer becomes inevitable at times for alcoholics. It is because the effect of this compound inhibits saliva-flow irritates soft oral tissues. Limited drinking, however, may not be as bad. Here people can find out what are the effects of alcohol on dental implant surgeries. Read More +

Taking care of the dental implants

Durable materials are used in dental implants but that does not give them the tag of being “indestructible”. Little caution and care can ensure one in protecting their teeth for a longer term. Some tips one should be keeping in mind: 1. Dental implants can absorb heat and retain it for a much longer time period than the normal tooth enamel. Every morning, if one is in the habit of drinking scalding coffee, the heat that is given off by the dental implant may result Read More +

Benefits of Tongue Scraper

Dental hygiene is a term which people generally associate with teeth as well as gums. A dentist usually emphasizes on these particular areas. However, extra care is necessary for tongue also. Accumulation of fungi as well as food particles takes place on its surface. During morning time if the tongue seems a bit brown in colour, it indicates consumption of coffee during night time. Development of bacteria often takes place at tongue’s back portion and one of the major reasons behind occurrence of halitosis. The Read More +

A Dentist’s Role in a Child’s Life

It’s usually a tough job for a new mother on zeroing-in on their child’s first “meet” with a dentist. Santa Rosa dentist’s office proposes that the infant’s first appointment needs to be within 18 months. It is because it starts to show some decaying feature as it grows. A sign of new teeth can tempt new parents in delaying their visit to a dentist, but it is highly recommended that one should start taking things seriously before it’s too late. Not only will it put Read More +

The Different Aspects of Dental Implants

In spite of quite a number of advances in dentistry field, there are several people suffering from gingivitis, injury or tooth decay. For quite a number of years, missing teeth problem have been addressed by dentures and bridges but dental implants inception have brought about huge changes. These are small anchors made out of titanium. These anchors are placed into the person’s jawbone for replacement of missing teeth. After Osseointegration, the tooth that is replaced is properly adjusted on top of the implant. Once the Read More +

New Teeth with Roots Grown with Human Gum Cells

There is good news for people who are reluctant to use dentures for heir missing teeth as research has already started regarding on re-growth of missing teeth. A new method is being developed by scientists for the replacement of lost teeth with bioengineered material that can be developed from gum cells of the same person. Most tooth replacement procedures fail as natural structure of root is missing. This results in increased friction when the person tries to eat or during other jaw movements which can Read More +

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The Buzz Around Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a common buzz in media today. The main reason behind this buzz is the reports that it has some connection with erectile dysfunction. Some reports even suggest that treatment related with periodontal problem can help to treat erectile dysfunction problems. There have been studies in Turkey and China about this relation of these two problems. These studies consisted of dentist and also one control group. The standards of the experiment have been good enough and those report suggest that if one can get Read More +

Dental Floss and Its Kinds

Flossing should be done regularly as brushing. Food particles that stick between teeth even after brushing are got rid of by flossing. The dentists always recommend flossing for a cleaner and healthier teeth and gums. It should be started early, that is to say, before the teeth start showing cavities and decays. There are different kinds of floss to be found at the nearest drug store. But before buying one of them it is important to know their functions. If you choose the perfect floss, Read More +