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Ward Off The Dental Problems By Paying Visit The Dentist

A rather recent study taken out by Pew center reveals that a majority of Americans seek the help of Emergency rooms for dental checkup when they are troubled with dental problems giving issuance to toothache. In 2011, near about 55000 dental patients visiting the Tennessee Hospitals have been recorded, who needed urgently a dental checkup. But the numerical record of burn cases in 2011 are lower than 12000.  Read More +

Ensure the Safety of Your Teeth this Halloween

There are just three weeks left for Halloween. Santa Rosans can be expected to be preparing candy dish for the group of young visitors on the night of Halloween. This may sound a very tricky celebration to those that are worried about cavity. Celery sticks are no less harmful for children. The sweet treats can quite naturally cause your teeth to decay. The programs such as “candy buyback” meant for children to swap sweets for cash are established by the Santa Rosan dentist in California. Read More + Read More +