Ensure the Safety of Your Teeth this Halloween

There are just three weeks left for Halloween. Santa Rosans can be expected to be preparing candy dish for the group of young visitors on the night of Halloween. This may sound a very tricky celebration to those that are worried about cavity. Celery sticks are no less harmful for children. The sweet treats can quite naturally cause your teeth to decay. The programs such as “candy buyback” meant for children to swap sweets for cash are established by the Santa Rosan dentist in California. Read More + Read More +

Heart Health Related to Periodontal Conditions

Lately, the media launch from the American Heart Association downplayed a linkage between gum condition and heart problems such as heart stroke and also heart attack. With that cue, major media outlets such as Newsday, NPR and CBS News took their statement one step further and declared no linkage between gum and heart disease. After the flurry of exaggerated news stories, the AHA walked back their previous assertion in a second release. The revised statement recognized an association the two health problems without defining a Read More +