Are dental implants reliable?

According to the study that has been performed by Millennium Research Group, the dental implants procedure would nearly decline in the decade ahead as the process becomes more popular. The process had been limited to a tiny group of scientists in the past, which, now, is performed by almost all the dentists. Almost all of the dentists are imparted training so that they can carry out this dental implants process. At least 1 permanent tooth in an adult who is between the age of 35 Read More +

How Alcohol Impacts Dental Implant Surgeries

Alcohol is a permissible drink in most countries. However, the warning for health injury is also as common with alcohol. Indeed, over consumption of drinks that contain alcohol in high concentration can cause serious damage to internal organs and systems. Oral cancer becomes inevitable at times for alcoholics. It is because the effect of this compound inhibits saliva-flow irritates soft oral tissues. Limited drinking, however, may not be as bad. Here people can find out what are the effects of alcohol on dental implant surgeries. Read More +

Taking care of the dental implants

Durable materials are used in dental implants but that does not give them the tag of being “indestructible”. Little caution and care can ensure one in protecting their teeth for a longer term. Some tips one should be keeping in mind: 1. Dental implants can absorb heat and retain it for a much longer time period than the normal tooth enamel. Every morning, if one is in the habit of drinking scalding coffee, the heat that is given off by the dental implant may result Read More +

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Dental Flippers in Palm Harbor Office

The patients at my Palm harbor dentist office range in age and situation, and so I’ve seen lots of different situations where, like any good Tampa Bay dentist, I have to recommend a dental flipper. A dental flipper is one way to replace a missing tooth. Most often it is a temporary measure. In this case the dental flipper teeth might be used while an area heals, prior to implant surgery or bridge work. Dental flippers are held in place kind of like an orthodontic Read More + Read More +

Heart Health Related to Periodontal Conditions

Lately, the media launch from the American Heart Association downplayed a linkage between gum condition and heart problems such as heart stroke and also heart attack. With that cue, major media outlets such as Newsday, NPR and CBS News took their statement one step further and declared no linkage between gum and heart disease. After the flurry of exaggerated news stories, the AHA walked back their previous assertion in a second release. The revised statement recognized an association the two health problems without defining a Read More +