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Benefits of Tongue Scraper

Dental hygiene is a term which people generally associate with teeth as well as gums. A dentist usually emphasizes on these particular areas. However, extra care is necessary for tongue also. Accumulation of fungi as well as food particles takes place on its surface. During morning time if the tongue seems a bit brown in colour, it indicates consumption of coffee during night time. Development of bacteria often takes place at tongue’s back portion and one of the major reasons behind occurrence of halitosis. The Read More +

A Dentist’s Role in a Child’s Life

It’s usually a tough job for a new mother on zeroing-in on their child’s first “meet” with a dentist. Santa Rosa dentist’s office proposes that the infant’s first appointment needs to be within 18 months. It is because it starts to show some decaying feature as it grows. A sign of new teeth can tempt new parents in delaying their visit to a dentist, but it is highly recommended that one should start taking things seriously before it’s too late. Not only will it put Read More +